Goort goes Dutch


Phoenix Tuesday/Friday Golf Group

Tuesday, Jan 3 Phoenix – Stableford

I think I am correct in saying that it is the first time Goort (pronounced Hoort) from Holland has won a Tuesday competition.  After struggling with his turn on the backswing he has now corrected it (for a while that is) and is hitting the ball a lot straighter (It won’t last).

Sadly the first Tuesday of the month we do not have a sponsored prize, so Goort would have been better off waiting until the following week when we will have the KPK Food Services voucher as the main prize.  Ah well, some you win, some you don’t!

Tuesday’s top three pose for photo with the staff at the Relax Bar. Tuesday’s top three pose for photo with the staff at the Relax Bar.

Goort scored a very respectable 38 points, with the ever-consistent Stuart Gordon on 36 points claiming second prize and ‘big’ John Bartley scoring 34 points to take third place.

Near pins went to Patrick Browne, Mike Gerrard, Stuart Gordon & Bob Neylon.

It was no wonder Bob Neylon won a near pin as today saw another first – Bob on a cart!!  Never been known before.

With all of the above names not being eligible for the lucky draw the following names were the lucky recipients:  The donated massage from the Relax Bar went to newcomer Gerry McCarthy, with his friend and another newcomer Andy Galvin winning the free drink, again donated by the Relax Bar, and the third consolation lucky draw prize went to our own David Czernie.

Friday, Jan. 6,Phoenix – Stableford

With an ever-increasing field of players growing each week we were subjected to the Thai way of disorganization.  It seemed that because a tour group had called late for tee times the regular members got pushed back.  It is little wonder when you realise that the late booking group will pay megga bucks for club hire, carts and green fees, as opposed to our members’ rate.

So not only teeing off some 20 minutes later than booked, we had to endure the caddies being allotted to the tour company as well and we had to wait for some replacements.  Pity the poor caddies at this time of the year.

Because of financial problems it seems that the courses have laid off a lot of labour this year, including caddies and most of them are subjected to having to work from 5.00am and caddy for the early birds and then when they have finished they are made to go round again to caddy for the afternoon players.  Just imagine walking 18 holes pulling the heavy carts and then having to go and do it all again in the heat of the day.  Strong girls eh!

So Graham Ellis managed to overpower everyone else today with a fantastic 34 points.  Yes folks, it was that sort of day.  In second place was Peter Harris with 33 points and amazingly your truly Mike Gerrard was in third with 32 points.  Consolation fourth place went to Mukesh Thakker with 29 points (could not believe it.)

You know it’s going to be one of them days when for the first time in a long time I asked someone else to organize the near pins.  Think again McDuff!  No near pins were put by the first group out.  Afterwards at the inquest it became very clear that Denis Dixon should, never ever apply for any managerial position.

Never mind, by investigation and honesty from the players we manage to work out who won the near pin prizes.  They were Mukesh Thakker, Minere Khan & Peter Harris, with one not claimed that went into the lucky draw.

The winners of the lucky draw prizes were Angel Matamala, Denis Dixon (whom we did not want to give it to – but we did), Don DeCosta and Goort Gelten.

Much merriment was had by all until we drifted off home (or to someone else’s home) and we are looking forward to the next encounter with the fairways of Phoenix (the fairways are O.K. – it’s the greens that are the tricky bit now!)

For information on golf at phoenix and sea fishing call me (Mike) on 087 091 7565.