Golfers and Ned Kelly


Travellers Rest Golf Group

In major golf tournaments they say that Saturday is moving day, well not for the TRGG it isn’t, in fact Tuesday 4th September is moving day.  You may recall that last week I reported that the TRGG was being forced to relocate again because of a major redevelopment to its present headquarters at the Bowling Green in Soi Xzyte.  We shall now be based at the Valentine Guest House and Ned Kelly Bar in Soi Lengkee as from midday on Tuesday 4th September.

For those of you trying to find us, just look out for the double fronted bar with a couple of large white golf balls outside the left hand entrance.  All newcomers will be made very welcome and for all our regular visitors we hope you will find the new facilities to your liking.

Seil Revels, left, winner at Phoenix and Fergus Brennan, winner at Bangpra. Seil Revels, left, winner at Phoenix and Fergus Brennan, winner at Bangpra.

On Monday 27th August the TRGG visited Bangpra, the monkey course, and found it in excellent condition.  The winner on the day was Fergus Brennan (12) who shot a very respectable 35 points considering he has that dreaded golfers’ disease sha??ing.

Just as actors think it is unlucky to mention the word “Macbeth” golfers are the same when it comes to sha??ing.  Once you have a problem with sha??ing it can return at any minute and can ruin your day.  So if there are any sha??ing experts out there please contact Fergus Brennan at the TRGG and cure him of this terrible disease.  He said he would do anything to never shank again.

Anyway back to Mondays results.  Following Fergus home was Billy Allen (14) on 32 points and in third place was Richard Talbot (18) on 31 points.

On Tuesday 28th August we headed off to Khao Kheow to play the A and B courses.  Now Khao Kheow is usually one of the very best kept courses around Pattaya but at the moment there are numerous ground under repair signs on a lot of the fairways, in fact they are like an outbreak of mushrooms, they are everywhere.  I know repair work has to be attended to but perhaps it would be better if they closed one course at a time until the work was completed.

Michael Prideaux (12) managed to make the best of things and won with 35 points.  John Goudge (6) was second with 34 points and Derek Thorogood (17) was third with 31.

Thursday 30th August saw the TRGG pay its regular weekly visit to Phoenix to play the Lake and Ocean courses.  Judging by the scores returned, familiarity with Phoenix is breeding contempt because the three leaders of the competition shot far better than their handicaps.

Seil Revels (4) returned with 40 points to win outright from Michael Prideaux (12) who took second place on 39 after beating Michael Maguire (20) on count back.

On Saturday 1st September Mountain Shadow hosted the TRGG and that Australian chappie Derek Thorogood (17) (aka Ned Kelly) shot 40 points to ride off into the sunset with all the prize money.  Jim Cleaver (13) was second with 37 and Ross Schiffke (14) was third with 32 points.

Good luck to all you golfing enthusiasts for the coming week!

Derek Thorogood. Derek Thorogood.