Damp day doesn’t deter devotees


PSC golf from The Cafe Kronborg

Monday, Oct. 10, Treasure Hill – Stableford

Under overcast skies, eleven golfers gathered at the Cafe’ Kronborg awaiting the Admiral’s now famous cry of “load ‘em up”, which indicates commencement of our festivities.  The Admiral gave the call at 0815 hours.

It rained for a fair bit of the journey however upon arrival it had ceased and a great day’s golf ensued.  New lockers in the change rooms and a green fee discount due to cored greens were welcomed by our group.

The skies were overcast however pleasant weather prevailed and the rain was in absentia.  The first group teed off at 0937 hours and completed their journey in three hours and fifty five minutes.

The course though a little damp was in surprisingly good nick considering all the precipitation lately in the area and the greens despite being cored putted truly.

Prior to tee off Ken Bernek acknowledged that his short game was about as reliable as the Thai postal system and gaining a podium finish would be akin to him using a toothpick whilst wearing boxing gloves.  Time would tell.

San Mig Stu Rifkin, who was an early withdrawal a few days prior, had commented “The more I play golf the more I like riding my motor cycle.”

To the people who withdrew on the day for whatever reason, your name has been entered in the Wusses Register for posterity.

We welcomed Niels Hansen and Jan Lovgreen from Denmark for their lengthy visits.

In the A flight Mike Gosden handed in thirty eight points for first place.  Second was Martin Todd with thirty six points whilst Takeshi Hakozaki with thirty four was third.

In the B flight Alain Taddai scored thirty four points to top the podium whilst Brad Todd (SOM) with thirty two points finished second and the Danish dynamo Jan Lovgreen with thirty one points rounded it out.

A Flight (0–16)

1st Mike Gosden (10) 38pts

2nd Martin Todd (7) 36pts

3rd Takeshi Hakozaki (13) 34pts

B Flight (17+)

1st Alain Taddai (18) 34pts

2nd Brad Todd (25) 32pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (21) 31pts

The Coveted Compass Cap went to Dave Richardson who was of the opinion he couldn’t sink a putt as his ball was afraid of the dark.  Deefa once again was present to collect donations from the players and their efforts are much appreciated.

Ken Bernek’s comments re his short game were alas, true.

Drutnote – Melbourne is a very nice city when Collingwood get rolled.

Thursday, Oct. 13, Plutaluang –Stableford

Nineteen golfers assembled at the Cafe’ Kronborg wondering what would be presented in the way of a golf course in view of consistent rain over recent times.  The course was a bit wet, however ok and the East and South nines were the flavour of the day.

With carts only on the motorway today the round was always going to be a bit slow and the first group completed the journey in four hours and fifty five minutes.  The day was overcast and pleasant whilst the greens were extremely slow however true.

Prior to tee off Ken Bernek, who had eye surgery recently, advised he could set a course record however was not sure at which end.  Takeshi Hakozaki indicated he was keen to improve on his last start effort as he had spotted spoors that not even the tree huggers or environmentalists were aware existed.

We welcomed Deng Ji (Ted) from Korea and Jerry Dobbs from Western Australia.

In the A flight Mike Allidi continued his great form to record thirty seven points (72 off the stick) to take first place from Ken Bernek on thirty five points, whilst Mike Gosden with thirty four points finished third and Jan Eriksen with thirty one points rounded it out.

In the B flight Brad Todd handed in a super forty three points to be a runaway winner.  Brad enjoyed the par fives as his card showed on the East nine a six for three and a five for three.  On the South nine he scored a four for five and a five for four.  To put this in perspective one player had fifteen points for the entire journey.

In second place was Mick O’Connor with thirty one points holding off Mike Winfield on the same score whilst Jerry Dobbs with thirty points finished fourth.

A Flight (0-18)

1st Mike Allidi (1) 37pts

2nd Ken Bernek (16) 35pts

3rd Mike Gosden (10) 34pts

4th Jan Eriksen (14) 31pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Brad Todd (25) 43pts

2nd Mick O’Connor (22) 31pts

3rd Mike Winfield (21) 31pts

4th Jerry Dobbs (22) 30pts

The near pin on East 5 went to Mike Allidi and the long putt on South 9 saw Mike Gosden successful.  The Coveted Compass Cap was won by Deng Ji (Ted) who commented that his game had all the finesse of a rhino on a substance found in a back alley some 150kms from the Disneyland for seniors.

Deefa was on hand to collect donations from the troops for distribution to the needy in Pattaya and they are thanked for their contributions.

Drutnote – One can only wonder what fate awaited the crab spotted on the green at the par three second, east nine.