Cardwell shoots his age at Khao Kheow


PSC golf from Cafe’ Kronborg

Tuesday, Dec. 7, Pleasant Valley – Stableford

Thirty-two golfers signed up for the day’s outing and the main topic of conversation before departing the Kronborg at 8.15am precisely and indeed in the buses to the course was, “What the hell is happening with the B B fiasco?”

Everyone is concerned, somewhat confused and definitely cautious.  Accordingly, amendments to our normal presentations were made so that winning players could still benefit from their day’s results.   Let’s hope that the authorities can quickly sort out the obvious misunderstanding and all can return to normal.

(Left to right): The Admiral with Tuesday’s winners Niels Hansen and Hugh O’Donnell at Pleasant Valley. (Left to right): The Admiral with Tuesday’s winners Niels Hansen and Hugh O’Donnell at Pleasant Valley.

No huge wining scores were turned in however there were plenty of golfers who could have if luck had gone their way.  Martyn Topham was lucky though, as his tee shot on the par four 12th hit the water pond in front and skipped five times before clearing the pond and settling comfortably on the fairway ahead, giving him a clear shot to the green!

We had two flights (A & B), NTP’s on all par 3’s and longest putts on 9 and 18.

Niels Hansen had a good turnaround from his previous outings to win A Flight with 38 points followed by Richard Kubicki, Owen Walkley and Bill Plath, all with 37 points, and Brian Gabe took out fifth spot with 35 points.

B Flight saw Hugh O’Donnell win with 38 points on a count-back from Jan Lovgreen whilst Carole Kubicki with 35 points successfully beat Jerry Dobbs also on a count-back.  fifth spot was fought out by Graham Buckingham, Susan Gaarde and Mike Winfield all with 32 points and it was Mike who finished better.

A Flight (0–18)

1st Niels Hansen (14) 38pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (12) 37pts

3rd Owen Walkley (13) 37pts

4th Bill Plath (16) 37pts

5th Brian Gabe (16) 35pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Hugh O’Donnell (23) 38pts

2nd Jan Lovegreen (21) 38pts

3rd Carole Kubicki (25) 35pts

4th Jerry Dobbs (19) 35pts

5th Mike Winfield (20) 32pts

Near Pins: Peter Hammond, Susan Gaarde, Jan Lovgreen, Sven Gaarde

Long Putts:  Andre van Dyk (2)

Stu Rifkin managed to win the Compass Charity Cap award yet again.  He kindly donated to the bin which now has a healthy sum of 5,850 baht which will eventually go toward assisting an organization who cater for less than fortunate children in our area.

Deefa the Charity Dog was unable to bite anyone this outing as his master was away on another golfing adventure. This did not stop one generous golfer from donating some baht despite Deefa’s absence.  So many thanks go to Ken Bernek for his kindness and rest assured Ken that the money will find its way to Deefa.

Thursday, Dec. 9, Khao Kheow –Stableford

Thirty one golfers headed out under the watchful eye of The Admiral for today’s challenge.  Playing the B and C nines from the white tees, the first group hit off at 1000 hours and completed the journey in the smart time of four hours and five minutes.

The weather was bright and breezy, the course good as per usual and the greens putted truly particularly for one player.

One golfer not noted for his sartorial elegance commented that golf is too easy and there must be a way of toughening it up.  This same gent who puts his foot in his mouth so often he needs to floss between his toes, came unstuck not unlike a certain Berlin resident in 1945.

We welcomed Rob and Karen Brown from Scotland who despite a three day route march due to bad weather, arrived safe and sound.

In the A Flight ‘Mr. Consistency’ Don Richardson scored an impressive thirty eight points to win on a count-back from Walter Baechli.  Mike Gosden handed in thirty seven points for third place relegating Bill Plath to fourth on a count-back whilst Elias Magnusson with thirty five points finished fifth.

In the B Flight, former 23 handicapper Paul Cardwell handed in (I am reliably informed by The Admiral) the best score ever at the Kronborg – an unbelievable 22/27 split for a total of forty nine points.  On good authority it has been reported the handicapper had sharpened the scalpel …er pencil before the ink was dry on the scorecard and results of a mandatory drug test should be available soon.

Graham Buckingham, who was as disappointed with his front nine 14 points as the five year old who saw a zipper in the back of Humphrey Bear’s suit toured the flip side with a 24 point effort for a 38 point total and second place.  Jan Lovgreen also on 38 points took third spot and like the guy who ate a plate of prunes got a good run for his money.  Fourth place went to Andy Makara on 36 whilst Ronnie Ratte finished fifth handing in 35 points.

Koji Yamada, whose swing looks like that of a deranged jungle dweller in North Borneo searching for food with a 20 kilo hunting club, finished well off a podium place and was reminded even rock bottom has a bargain basement.

A Flight (0-18)

1st Don Richardson (10) 38pts

2nd Walter Baechli (17) 38pts

3rd Mike Gosden (9) 37pts

4th Bill Plath (16) 37pts

5th Elias Magnusson (17) 35pts

B Flight (19+)

1st Paul Cardwell (23) 49pts

2nd Graham Buckingham (23) 38pts

3rd Jan Lovgreen (21) 38pts

4th Andy Makara (33) 36pts

5th Ronnie Ratte (28) 35pts

Long putts went to Bill Plath B9 and Carole Kubicki on C9 while the near pins went to Rob Brown on B3, Kris Helgason on B8, Niels Hansen on C3 and Jan Lovgreen on C8.

Deefa the dog made a welcome return and scooped up an absolute truckload of donations which will go to charity.