Aussies seek revenge in ‘Stupid Ashes’ trophy


PSC golf from The Outback Golf Bar

Monday, Jan. 17, Burapha – Stableford

Thirty-one Outbackers at Burapha today on the Cypress and Dunes nines from the white tees.  No really good scores, the best of the day being a handicap equalling 36 points from Bob Lindborg, which won him first place in Div B.  Behind him was Tom Parker (34pts) and David Davies with 33.

In the premier division, Benn Nelson filled the top spot with 35, followed in by Mitch Black and Steve Mann both on 34.

At the back of the field but not playing in the tournament we welcomed back from Austria, Harry Komposch and his mate Peter who just enjoy their golf at their own pace.

Nigel Cannon, right, presents Bob Philp, left, with the ‘Stupid Ashes’ trophies. Nigel Cannon, right, presents Bob Philp, left, with the ‘Stupid Ashes’ trophies.

There were three ‘2’s from Chris Dopp, Cottee and Tom Parker.

Div A (0-14)

1st Benn Nelson (14) 35pts

2nd Mitch Black (3) 34pts

3rd Steve Mann (8) 34pts

4th Wayne Cotterell (13) 33pts

Div B (15+)

1st Bob Lindborg (17) 36pts

2nd Tom Parker (18) 34pts

3rd David Davies (27) 33pts

4th John Exall (17) 31pts

Tuesday, Jan. 18, Pattaya C.C. – Stableford

Some 50 players took part in the usual stableford competition but in addition 44 of them also took part in the inaugural ‘Stupid Ashes Trophy’, being a singles match-play event between Australia (and some friends) and England.  Why Stupid Ashes?  Ashes to remind the Aussies of what they had recently lost!  And Stupid, as it was the name of the first Outback dog that was buried near to the Outback.

Jim Tait plays the bagpipes in memory of the recently departed Roger Kidd.Jim Tait plays the bagpipes in memory of the recently departed Roger Kidd.

There was of course the usual banter on the tee but all in good spirit as the teams waited to get away, but Chad had it all under control with his customary laid-back manner and beer in hand; everybody being away shortly after 10.30.

Some four and a half hours later, Capt’ Bob was in the clubhouse eagerly counting the match results, whilst Tuesday’s resident organiser Chad, was working out the stableford competition results.  After a few drinks and a few stories of ‘what might have been’ it was back to The Outback to await the results.

First Capt’ Bob announced the results of the three flights in the customary reverse order starting with Div C, which went to Sid Ottaway with 38 points, followed in by David Davies (nice to see you in the frame David) on 36 and Nigel back in third with 35.

Sugar Ray got forgotten about altogether as Bill Bishop (39pts) was declared the winner of Div B, before a hasty recount and reshuffle of prizes, with Sugar coming out on top with the joint top score of the day, of 41 points.  Bill was then placed second ahead of Bernie the sausage, with 35.

The other joint top score came from the Capt’ himself, off a very generous 10 h’cap, to win Div A, just nudging out Paul Greenaway who had 40.  Incidentally, Capt’ Bob played Paul in the match-play, which turned out to be a very close match; Bob eventually winning 2 up.

There were six ‘2’s from Paul Smets, Noddy Moyle, Gary Hogg, John Locke, Chris Dopp & Pottsy.

Bob then handed over to Nigel Cannon, the regular MC for the Outback, who formally announced that the first winner of this trophy was Australia.  The scores were Australia 11, Europe 9 with two matches halved.  Interesting to note that the two halved matches were both England v Scotland (as the Scots, Andy & Drew, preferred to don their Aussie shirts or were they just drafted by Capt’ Bob!).

Nigel then presented the trophy – which resembles the next best thing to the ‘real thing’ (actually it’s an old carbide miner’s lamp) together with a photo of Stupid, to Capt’ Bob and commented that this had been yet another ‘fun’ day and another historic golfing day in the Outback calendar, which is sure to stay.

Some half an hour later the bar changed to a more somber mood as David Evans came to remind us that Roger Kidd– a regular visitor to Pattaya – had quite recently suddenly passed away.  Roger was a Scot and in true Scottish tradition we were treated to some fine Scottish music played on the bagpipes (kindly loaned by The Kronberg) by a friend of Roger’s, Jim Tait.

David also asked that we remembered the many Australians who had lost their lives in recent floods in Queensland.

Div A (0-13)

1st Bob Philp (10) 41pts

2nd Paul Greenaway (11) 40pts

3rd Mitch Black (3) 35pts

4th Chris Dopp (12) 35pts

Div B (14-19)

1st Sugar Ray Handford (19) 41pts

2nd Bill Bishop (16) 39pts

3rd Bernie Stafford (14) 35pts

4th Paul Smets (18) 33pts

Div C (20+)

1st Sid Ottaway (24) 38pts

2nd David Davies (27) 36pts

3rd Nigel Cannon (23) 35pts

4th Arthur Bailey (22) 34pts

Wednesday, Jan. 19, Mountain Shadow – Stableford

We rarely come to this course, and after the tales of today’s experiences from the 32 Outbackers it will be quite some time, probably about a year or so, before we return.  To make all our groups wait on the tee whilst they put a walking five-ball out, that took one hour to play the first three holes, shows very little in the way of customer relation skills.  Couple that with unplayable greens that were so fast the ball would roll back to your feet when you missed an uphill putt, it made the whole day out (five hours), a very hard day at the office.

Needless to say the scoring was not all that special with the top score being 35 from Bob St. Aubin to win Div B, from Bernie Stafford (32pts), John Locke (31pts) and that man again, Noddy Moyles on 30.

Div A featured a four-way count-back headed by a guy having his first game with the Outback, Owen Walkley, familiar to organised golf here in Pattaya of 18 Coins fame.  He beat the all star cast of Gary Hogg, Capt’ Bob and Mitch Black.

There were surprisingly six ‘2’s from Bob St. Aubin, Owen Walkley, Steve Milne, Carla Head and Bruce Livingstone, not satisfied with one, showed off his putting prowess by bagging two.

Div A (0-13)

1st Owen Walkley (13) 34pts

2nd Gary Hogg (8) 34pts

3rd Bob Philp (10) 34pts

4th Mitch Black (3) 34pts

Div B (14+)

1st Bob St Aubin (15) 35pts

2nd Bernie Stafford (14) 32pts

3rd John Locke (14) 31pts

4th Greg Moyle (18) 30pts

Friday, Jan. 21, Khao Kheow – Stableford

Fifty Outbackers were on a typically windy Khao Kheow playing the A and B loops, supposedly off the yellow tees, which really looked more like the whites and in some cases were almost the reds, as some golfers were hitting wedges for their second shots into par fives.  So not really set-up for a good challenge, but none the less there were some ordinary scores coming in, which means I suppose that short does not necessarily mean easier.

The course was as usual in great condition with the greens running true and fast.  When the wind subsided it did get extremely hot – and thank God for drink stops; well, normally anyway – there wasn’t a cold beer to be had anywhere – wake up Khao Kheow, this is just not good enough!  And you’re losing valuable revenue.

Welcome to my cousins from Canada, Brent and Blair Philp, good to see you this year lads and thanks for the game; and another Canadian, Chris Dopp, who fired the best round of the day with 42 points to win Div B by four from another Chris, this time Davisson, on 38.

After a recount in Div A, first place went to Lloyd Shutteworth (35pts) with Raji and Capt’ Bob one point back, both with 34.

There’s also a correction to the result announced at presentation in Div C as John Bahng was completely overlooked, so he took first place with his 37 points, with John Locke moving back to second and Jan-piet back to third with 33 points apiece, leaving Bob St. Aubin to be kicked off the podium altogether, but he won’t mind as he got his revenge on the pool table!

David Davies ended a good week with another result, this time going one better than Tuesday’s second place to take Div D with a fine 38 points ahead of the course specialist, Sugar Ray, just two back on 36.

We didn’t quite make it to the record with the ‘2’s but got very close with eleven (following last Wednesday’s record of twelve at The Emerald), today’s coming from Chris Davisson, Rick Evans, Bob Philp, Glyn Davies, Chris Dopp, Blair Philp, Steve Plant, Cottee, Shutts and Murray Hart had two.

Div A (0-10)

1st Lloyd Shuttleworth (4) 35pts

2nd Amarjit Banwaitt (6) 34pts

3rd Bob Philp (10) 34pts

Div B (11-13)

1st Chris Dopp (12) 42pts

2nd Chris Davisson (12) 38pts

3rd Murray Hart (13) 38pts

Div C (14-17)

1st John Bahng (14) 37pts

2nd John Locke (15) 33pts

3rd Jan-piet Andersen (16) 33pts

Div D (18+)

1st David Davies (27) 38pts

2nd Sugar Ray Handford (19) 36pts

3rd Greg Moyle (18) 35pts

Note:  The Outback Golf Bar is situated about 6km from Sukhumvit Road along Soi Siam Country. All are welcome to come and join us for a beer and a hit. Just call in and put your name down on the list or give Bob a call on 087 941 2474.