Another shot of ‘Diet Whiskey’


The Backyard Golf Society

Well, it appears the high season deluge of golfers has finally drawn to a close, so it was a normal duration round for the Backyard lads at Emerald last Friday.  It was enjoyable to actual tee off on time and not to see a few extra groups shunted in front of us.  

Only 2 groups out today as a few members regressed and played with the Slimy crew, one other was in discussions with the Sultan about work in Brunei, and JJ took a week off after a recent mechanical inspection found the cause of his sore leg.

Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’ (rear-center) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’ (rear-center) celebrates his win with the staff at Blue Sky Bar.

The big winner today was Dan ‘The Diet Whiskey Man’, his 41 points blitzing the rest of the group.  The worrying aspect is that Dan is also our handicap man so we will have to make sure he gets a decent cut this time, in contrast to the outcome from his previous 43 point score a few weeks back.  A general play deduction must surely be applied this time?

Whiskey was also the big winner in the skins with 7 while Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend won 4, Irish John and Yaya’s Delight won 2 each and there are 3 roll-overs to next week.  The near-pin was won by El Tel.

Not many interesting stories from today’s round apart from ‘The Quiet Man’s exfoliation exhibition in the club-house bar after the round and the caddy’s amusement with Golden Trowel’s Boyfriend’s rear end gyrations on every tee.  Seems he moves it much like Tom Jones did in his heyday?