Aabling leads the way at Navy


PSC golf from Café Kronborg

Monday, Jan. 21, Century Chonburi – Stableford

The day’s game today was up the route 331 for 55 minutes to Century Chonburi – the cheapest of any course around.  We checked in and were off the first tee 20 minutes early under delightfully sunny skies and a good breeze.

The course on the day was dry with slowish greens up hill.  It looks to be dry because the installed sprinkler system is out of commission.  It was also noted upon completion of the 4½ hour round and back in the building that the bookkeeper was doing the books manually and the boss was playing cards on the computer.  All in all you can’t go wrong for 200 baht.

A whole bevy of welcomes went out today, to  Jim Covington from BC, Ben Browning, working from Coventry, Ann Winfield, Ronnie Ratte, Mark O’Callahan and Brendon Ruddy from Ireland and also Scott Brehaut from Guernsey.

Two flights today with the cut at handicap 20 and the full monty of near pins.

Jan Lovgreen won the A flight with a fine 38 points while Michelle Sancillo was second on a count back from Ted Morris, both on 36 points, and Kjeld Ravn took fourth ahead of Richard Kubicki.

Eddie (the eagle) Glinsek won the B flight with 36 points ahead of Svend Gaarde in second Peter Bygballe third and Kai Aabling and Mike Winfield completing the podium.

A Flight (0-20)

1st Jan Lovgreen (20) 38pts

2nd Michelle Sancillo (8) 36pts

3rd Ted Morris (14) 36pts

4th Kjeld Ravn (19) 35pts

5th Richard Kubicki (12) 32pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Eddie Glinsek (34) 36pts

2nd Svend Gaarde (27) 35pts

3rd Peter Bygballe (24) 35pts

4th Kai Aabling (25) 33pts

5th Mike Winfield (22) 33pts

Near Pins:  4th Jan Lovgreen, 7th Peter Bygballe, 13th Dave Richardson, 17th Bjarne Kjaer

Long Putts:  9th Gurli Stolt, 18th Bjarne Kjaer

Thursday, Jan. 24, Plutaluang W&N – Stableford

Plutaluang West and North layouts were the test today and we checked in and were off the first tee 20 minutes early under mixed overcast skies with a hint of rain as we saw some wet roads close to the course, but no rain ever came.  The course was in fine condition with the greens having a good pace.

We were back in the clubhouse after a quick round of 4½ hours and two flights today with the cut at handicap 20.

Michelle Sancillo won the A flight with 38 points, Richard Kubicki was second on 36 and Elias Magnusson took third ahead of Jan Lovgreen in fourth.

Kai Aabling topped the second division with a fine 42 points ahead of Dave Richardson in second, Eddie Glinsek third and Peter Bygballe fourth.

A Flight (0-20)

1st Michelle Sancillo (8) 38pts

2nd Richard Kubicki (12) 36pts

3rd Elias Magnusson (20) 35pts

4th Jan Lovgreen (20) 33pts

B Flight (21+)

1st Kai Aabling (25) 42pts

2nd Dave Richardson (25) 37pts

3rd Eddie Glinsek (34) 37pts

4th Peter Bygballe (24) 36pts

Near Pins:  W3 Peter Bygballe, W8 Kjeld Ravn, N3 Peter Bygballe, N6 Richard Kubucki.

Near Pin in 2: N9 Mike Winfield.

Note:  If you are looking for a game of golf, call Dave at 083 602 2117 or email [email protected]  Just a reminder we are very busy now so sign up early.