This is how you cared in 2010


Our favorite PR tool of the New Year is our annual brochure detailing where your donations are distributed. It is important to us that you know exactly where your contributions go. We also encourage you to visit our projects, especially those readily accessible in ‘our own backyard’ for a first-hand perspective.

In the meantime, we are busy planning the events for our 14th Annual Jesters Care for Kids Charity Drive, as well as actively seeking donations. If you would like to join us, please visit our website at and remember that this year’s Children’s Fair is on Sunday, September 11th and Party Night 2 weeks after on Saturday, September 24th.

Erle and a young boy happily participate in the School for the Blind’s Sports Day last month. Erle and a young boy happily participate in the School for the Blind’s Sports Day last month.

Below is a sneak preview of the text for our brochure before we go to print.

Due to your generosity in 2010, as of March 1st 2011, we have distributed 5,929,249 baht of the 6,147,421 baht in cash donations, or 96.5% of the net raised.

Below are the needy children charities that you are supporting on the Eastern Seaboard, as well as tsunami orphans in Krabi, and the amounts given so far.

Our Target Charity (Registered Charity No. Tor 460/2543)

The Fountain of Life Center (2,986,069 baht), under the Good Shepherd Foundation, provides kids with documentation, education, activities, meals, medical and dental care, and ultimately, scholarships for entering gov’t schools. This past year 82 children received scholarships.

The Next Step Program (40,000 baht) provides scholarships to young adults for high school, university and vocational college.

1. Tsunami orphans (40,000 baht) are being provided with scholarships since 2005 via the Sriphong Khaoluan Foundation in Krabi.

2. Ten university students at BA level, including 2 poised to graduate this month are being supported through funds given to Fountain of Life Center.


(1,302,500 baht)

1. Ban Amphur Primary School (500,000 baht): Currently constructing first aid station

2. Ban Amphur Primary School (622,000 baht): In a joint project with The Herrod Foundation, we constructed a kindergarten and renovated pre-existing toilets.

3. Nikom 3 School in Rayong Province (54,000 baht): Installation of new water filter system and replace chemicals in primary filters.

4. Nikom 4 School in Rayong Province (60,000 baht): Construction of two ablution centers each with 6 stations fully tiled with and ceramic hand basins.

5. Nikom 7 School in Rayong Province (66,500 baht): Replacement of non-functioning reverse osmosis system with activated chemical system and upgrade existing filters; installation of new water filter system.

Special Schools (264,970 baht)

1. Khao Baisri Home for Disabled Boys (74,970 baht): Finishing touches for home/classroom we built last year with The Herrod Foundation, as well as monthly shopping trips initiated since last November.

2. Pattaya Redemptorist School for the Blind (90,000 baht): We provided furnishings and air conditioners for the new office we built last year.

3. Special Olympics (100,000 baht): Sponsorship for the 4th Special Olympics Thailand Eastern Region Athletics Championship held at School #7 in Pattaya last November. The 250 handicapped athletes competed in field and track events and arena football.


(1,162,051 baht)

1. Camillian Social Center (763,051 baht): In a joint venture with the Canadian Jackalope Open, we continue to sponsor two disabled HIV-infected children.  We also took 70 kids Christmas shopping and on a trip to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

2. Ban Jing Jai (334,000 baht) an orphanage in Nong Prue, now with 70 kids. We cover their monthly food and utilities’ cost.

3. Kate’s Project (15,000 baht): helps the poor in Nong Prue. We assisted them by sponsoring a Christmas party for the families in the area.

4. Kharma Foundation (50,000 baht): In a joint project with Ray and Khirsly Matti, we supplied educational materials, agriculture products, sports equipment and clothing for kids in Kanchanaburi.

Special Case:

(22,649 baht)

Nong Urn was an 8-year old suffering from congenital liver problems; we were providing her with a clean apartment to help combat her irritable skin syndrome up until August last year when she finally succumbed to her illness.

Miscellaneous: Shirts (151,010 baht): Jesters T-shirts were donated at cost to kids from our various projects

Thank you for your kindheartedness once again!