Shopkeepers stock up for Valentine’s Day


Pattaya-area merchants stocked up on flowers, pillows and dolls in hopes of putting an extra spark into Valentine’s Day sales.

Wanna Yutisri, owner of the Pink Flower Shop on Central Road was especially aggressive, setting up a dedicated website, preparing gift vouchers for home delivery and giving out Valentine’s Day cards.

She said she also took out magazine advertisements and prepared a special promotional bouquet with included chocolates. The front of the shop was decorated with real and imitation flowers, chocolate baskets and dolls. Wanna hoped to deliver 1,500 flowers, 1,000 chocolate balls and 300 stuffed bears, with prices ranging from 100 to 5,000 baht.

Wanna Yutisri, owner of the Pink Flower Shop. Wanna Yutisri, owner of the Pink Flower Shop.

A full truckload of dolls were delivered to the Rounrom Shop down the road from Wanna’s boutique. There the shopkeeper bet stuffed animals and heart-shaped pillows were what people wanted for their loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Windows were done up in red and cards handed out. Prices started at just 39 baht and ran up to 3,900 baht.