PSC makes nerve-wracking rice delivery to Camillian Social Centre


It started with an innocent phone call to the Camillian Centre in Bang Chang, for it is this time of the year that Pattaya Sports Club have been supplying them with cotton to enable them to make new bedding for the centre. But on this occasion they felt that they had sufficient material to last for most of the coming 12 months.

PSC are always happy to help the Camillian Social Centre so it was agreed that we should buy some rice for the children. “Come along today,” said Paul, “and we could go to the wholesaler and buy what was needed.” But we would need a vehicle to transport the rice to the centre. What we found could hardly be described as a limousine but it would suffice.

Paul drove the bus, it would not have passed the MOT in UK but this is Thailand. Off we went to Bang Chang, very slowly whilst Paul tried to find the gears, it was supposed to have 6 of them.

The owner of the shop was not going to be involved loading 50 large bags of rice for that particular chore is not easy.  The weight did not make the return journey any easier, for we were not too sure how well the brakes would work. But we did make it.

While we were having lunch with Father Peter, visitors and staff, which is always a pleasure, the rice was unloaded which provided the children with a new toy for climbing and food for the next 6 months. What more could you ask for?

The Camillian Social Centre was established in 1995 and has approaching 70 orphaned or abandoned children living with HIV/AIDS, but they do manage 7 projects in the southeast of Thailand. These include a Palliative Care Unit, which can accommodate 49 people with severe opportunistic infections. The Garden of Eden project, which houses 50 people living with HIV. The Garden Of Eden gives residents a chance to learn skills that will aid them re-entering into society.

The children are always happy at the Camillian Centre for Father Peter and his staff put all their efforts into making the children feel wanted and loved, which they certainly are.

Visitors to the centre are always welcome as is any assistance or help they may receive from anyone that is willing to donate even small amounts. If you would like to help in any way, please contact William at Pattaya Sports Club.