Premier Cru Fine Wine Investment House featured at wealth creation seminar


Gavin Saffer is global sales director of UK based Premier Cru Fine Wine Investment House. Gavin flew in special to be the guest speaker at EMM Consultancy’s Fine Wine Wealth Creation Seminar held last Wednesday (July 20) at Royal Cliff Grand Hotel, Pattaya.

Premier Cru is regarded as the top, and respected as the best, fine wine investment house in Europe, and its consistent track record of making over 18% annual growth returns for its clients bears out these accolades.

Premier Cru global sales director, Gavin Saffer, addresses the seminar at the Royal Cliff in Pattaya.Premier Cru global sales director, Gavin Saffer, addresses the seminar at the Royal Cliff in Pattaya.

Gavin explained to a rapt audience of Pattaya business people how the Premier Cru business was started over ten years ago by two high flying city investment experts. Now these two experts – both women – are his mother in law, Paula, and his wife Stacey-Lea, who he holds responsible for his baggy eyes. Gavin says, “She (Stacey) sends me all over the world to promote our business because she says I am their best asset … because I can’t stop talking and I am passionate about making money from fine wine, on behalf of our clients, worldwide … and she’s right.”

This is Gavin’s first presentation in Thailand, though he regularly conducts business in other parts of Asia, and he plans to return on a regular basis. Already, local Pattaya organisations are queuing up to book Gavin to present his informative, amusing, enthusiastic and honest appraisal of the world of Fine Wine Wealth Creation. The Premier Cru portfolio offers customers a choice of investment plans starting at 10,000 pounds sterling.

Gavin explains that Fine Wine Investment is very much a hands-on business. Premier Cru directors regularly travel across the English Channel to Bordeaux to select wines and customers do actually own their own wine. Indeed, they can have a say in its selection, by choosing high, medium or low risk portfolios. Customers, who so wish, can be taken to see their wine…transparency so vital in today’s world. Gavin told us that Premier Cru stores its customers’ wine in an old stone mine in Wiltshire, England, in bonded warehouses alongside wines belonging to HM Queen Elizabeth II, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Microsoft’s CEO Bill Gates. Mighty fine neighbourhood!

Guests certainly are enjoying the presentation.Guests certainly are enjoying the presentation.

Premier Cru is still a family business and after a decade of success they plan to remain that way. Choosing, pricing, negotiating, buying, caring, managing and selling the very best vintages from the very top chateaux in Bordeaux is second nature to them now.  They keep customers up to date with the progress in price of their bottles, on a monthly basis. Premier Cru’s newsletter is distributed monthly all over the world.

Fine Wines have been a source of pleasure and financial gain since the Romans brought the first vines to France around 500 BC. Fine Wines were traded for hundreds of years and finally became the beginning of a booming business in the 1850s when Napoleon III effectively started the “Fine Wine Index” classifying Bordeaux wines from 1 – 5. These “laws” are vigorously upheld today and production and quality controls are upheld by EC directives, and especially by the “Institut National des Appellations d’Origine”.

Demand is increasing in these times of emerging wine drinkers from Russia, China and India. However, supply is still controlled, creating what is now generally considered to be the most tax efficient and fully flexible range of investment plans available in the open market today. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject or be prepared to make expensive mistakes, Premier Cru was formed with the specific intention of offering structured, managed investments to ordinary folks.

All Premier Cru customers’ bonded wines are fully insured; returns are tax free; subject to neither capital gains tax nor inheritance tax and the wine can be drunk by the owner, whenever he/she pleases. Its a win-win cause for celebration.

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