PILC donates to Hand to Hand


After the most successful PILC Christmas Bazaar so far, now is the time for the fun part for PILC, namely the handing out of donations to the 15 different charity projects PILC supports.

One of the first visits went to Hand to Hand Foundation, a charity very close to the hearts of PILC. As soon as you step into Hand to Hand’s new daycare centre you are met with the sound of happy children enjoying themselves learning whilst playing. The children at the daycare centre are from the surrounding slum areas and in Hand to Hand have a safe haven with lots of caring staff to look after them whilst preparing them to enter Thai school when they reach the proper age.

PILC’s first visit this year was to donate funds to the Hand to Hand Foundation.PILC’s first visit this year was to donate funds to the Hand to Hand Foundation.

But the Hand to Hand Foundation is not just a daycare centre; the staff also cares for premature babies at the Chonburi Hospital, hands out food and drink to the inmates in the local holding jails in Pattaya, and carries out food deliveries to some slum areas. Several women from PILC dedicate their time to helping out in different areas in the Hand to Hand Foundation and there is always room for even more volunteers.

PILC is full of admiration of the hard work Hand to Hand does caring for children and adults in Pattaya, making the decision to donate funds very easy.

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