Pattaya Sports Club and 2 members come to the aid of a family of 6


The first Pattaya Sports Club heard of the problem was when Nongprue City Hall requested our help to provide school uniforms to four children who did not have a complete set and were being verbally abused at school by other students. Conveniently, 2 PSC members had made generous donations for exactly this situation and we were able to solve the problem immediately for them.

But when handing the uniforms to the delighted children, further problems came to our attention which were causing so many problems for the family. Parsud and his family live in a small house (a large room actually) just off Nernplabwan and his occupation was as a motorbike taxi driver.  He managed financially, but only just.

Youngsters receive their school uniforms.Youngsters receive their school uniforms.

It is sometimes difficult to accept how events, which are beyond our control, can affect our lives. Parsud’s father died last year. A problem presented itself inasmuch as the motorbike belonged to his father and had to be sold so that Parsud and his brothers could share in the amount raised. End of income! To make matters worse, in January of this year he was hit by a speeding motorbike, incurred serious head injuries and has been unable to work since then. No income, has resulted in the rent not being paid and very little food on the table.

The mayor and staff of city hall pose around the new motorbike and all its accessories, and thank PSC.The mayor and staff of city hall pose around the new motorbike and all its accessories, and thank PSC.

But, you will be pleased to hear that there is a happier ending to this story. His wife has had experience in the past selling BBQ chicken, pork and other items from a motorbike and sidecar. So the Welfare Dept. of Nongprue City Hall decided that something had to be done and, after a few phone calls, a solution was found. Mityon donated a motorbike, the Lions Club the sidecar and Pattaya Sports Club the cooking equipment, flood lights, battery and other items which will enable his wife to travel around the area selling her various goods. City Hall donated funds to bring their rent up to date and supply some food to tide them over.

Both Parsud and his wife were a little overwhelmed with all the activity for, as usual in these events, the mayor, deputy mayor, TV, newspapers and many of the City Hall staff were present to give the family a rousing send off.