Mass, egg rolls mark Easter in Pattaya


Pattaya-area Catholics marked Easter with both solemn ceremony and rollicking egg hunts.

The Catholic Church started the Easter celebration on Thursday, April 2 with the institution of the Eucharist. Bread was consecrated, a traditional washing of the feet was performed and the wake for the blessed sacraments was held.

Then followed a Good Friday celebration at St. Nikolas Church, which staged a “passion of the Christ” procession, led by Francis Xavier Kritsada Sukkaphat. Believers were invited to follow the 12 stations of the cross, alternatively bearing the burden of the large, wooden cross. In front of each station, worshippers kneeled and prayed.

On Easter Saturday, the Easter candles were blessed and eggs decorated.

On Sunday, mass was celebrated marking the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The service was attended by hundreds of worshipers, each given an Easter egg and a small bottle of holy water.

Pastor Francis Xavier Sukkaphat leads the parade on Good Friday.Pastor Francis Xavier Sukkaphat leads the parade on Good Friday.

The High Mass on Easter Sunday.The High Mass on Easter Sunday.