CPDC receives 50,000 baht Christmas present


Austrian consul general Rudolf Hofer brought an early Christmas present to the Child Protection and Development Center, reaching into his own pocket to donate 50,000 baht.

Hofer, who also is a German honorary consul, presented the gift to Human Help Network Thailand director Radchada Chomjinda Nov. 29.

“I am so grateful to the consul general for this generous gift … the first we received this year,” she said. “With this money we are able to buy two much-needed washing machines, an amplifier and toys for the children.”

Rudolf Hofer presents the money to Radchada Chomjinda, surrounded by the children.Rudolf Hofer presents the money to Radchada Chomjinda, surrounded by the children.

Radchada noted the children were so pleased they cheered “Austria, Austria!” a few times.

Hofer, said he wanted to keep up the tradition set by former ambassador Johannes Peterlik and his wife Uschi. They always invited children from the center to a big toy shop in Pattaya every Christmas where each could choose a present of their liking, no matter the cost.

Hofer said he intended to do the same, but Radchada needed the washing machines urgently. Now he is already thinking about what he can do for the children next year.

Radchada urged Pattaya residents to get into the holiday spirit by donating prizes for the auction at the CPDC’s Christmas party on Dec. 25.