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Thursday, 04 April 2013 09:49

Alzheimer’s can be beaten!

I have stopped worrying about Alzheimer’s Disease.  Between Google and my nine year old daughter, I can find anything.  In the mornings when I leave home, there is Little Miss, with index finger outstretched, showing me just where I parked the car last night.  And Google, the patron saint of writers, is always there to remind me of the things I had forgotten.  Now all I have to do is get my brain hot-wired into a wireless network and I can meet the world head on.

Thursday, 04 April 2013 09:29

AFG looks at Business Process Improvement

The Automotive Focus Group (AFG) appears to be growing almost as fast as the automotive industry itself, with new members every meeting.

The event for March 2013 was a lecture/discussion on Business Process Improvement, given by two Grant Thornton personnel Carlo Principe and Jasmin Sachdev.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 17:14

Bangkok International Motor Show open

The Bangkok International Motor Show at Impact Arena is well underway, having been opened to the public since the 27th of March.

As usual, Mercedes has used our motor show to release the RHD version of one of their models, this time being the new E Class.

Other manufacturers also have either new models or concept cars on display.  This is the motor show not to miss!  It closes on 7th April.

Bangkok International Motor Show.Bangkok International Motor Show.

The Nation newspaper has reported that up to 26,000 people get killed in road accidents every year in Thailand, which puts the country sixth in terms of road casualties.  Of those killed, up to 70 or 80 percent are motorcyclists or their passengers.

Thursday, 28 March 2013 17:06

Porsche GT3 RS is coming

Following on from the Porsche 911 GT3, which has enough performance to get anyone in trouble, Porsche has now announced the ultimate derivative, the Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The Malaysian GP certainly had amazing weather with rain and heat, plus the addition of frost on the podium.  Current world champion Sebastian Vettel displayed what might just be his true colors with his “win at any cost” attitude, ignoring his team’s instructions and risking taking both the Red Bull cars out of the race.  (More on that later.)

Last week I asked how did a newspaper delivery boy for W H Smith & Son get to own a Rolls-Royce?  Quite easily, the delivery boy’s job was the first employment for Sir Henry Royce.

So to this week.  In 1956 a new range of cars started production in Europe with a wide variety of models based on a common engine/chassis configuration.  This included a saloon, two estates, a coupe and convertible, plus a two seat sports car and sports convertible.  What was the manufacturer?

For the Automania free beer this week, be the first correct answer to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Thursday, 28 March 2013 10:50

What is it like to have an MRI?

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is one of the battery of newer diagnostic examinations that can be done.  The procedure is similar to an X-Ray, in the fact that the end result shows the internal structures of the body with a test that produces very clear pictures - but without the use of X-rays.  MRI uses a large magnet, radio waves, and a computer to produce these images.

Thursday, 21 March 2013 15:58

Malaysian Grand Prix this weekend

Sepang is the host for the second round of the 2013 F1 calendar.  Will we have a repeat of the Australian Grand Prix, or will this be another year of different winners, such as we had in 2012?

What in my mind is the premier motor show in Thailand is the Bangkok International Motor Show.  It is being held at the Impact Arena and public days begin on the 27th March and run through to Sunday April 7.

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