The Reason for the Season


Even here in Thailand, one never has to go very far to see brilliant displays of twinkling Christmas lights or smile a bit at the hip swinging action of those mechanized Santas that so often adorn store windows and displays.

Yet, the origins of this special holiday can sometimes fade away in the lives of expats in Thailand amid the bright lights and Christmas music.  A traditional nativity play is the perfect way to remind us of the reason we celebrate Christmas and Key Stage 1 students at Garden International School did not disappoint when they took to the stage on Thursday the 9th of December 2010.

The adorable Year 1 and 2 cast takes a break to listen to the narrators between songs. The adorable Year 1 and 2 cast takes a break to listen to the narrators between songs.

Year One and Two children at GIS performed their yearly Christmas play by sharing an absolutely adorable rendition of ‘It’s a Baby’ to a full hall of parents, relatives, teachers, and friends.

The performance transported the audience to a crowded inn and stable long ago with a beautifully designed set and provided some classic scenes from the students who enjoyed singing songs such as ‘Wise Men Three’ and ‘Knock, Knock, Knock at the Door’.

Lucy Howett, the GIS Year 2 teacher, managed to adjust the original script and add enough parts for the nearly 30 children that participated in the final performance.  The Key Stage 1 team also faced the challenge of putting together all of the costumes for the youngsters in a short period of time.

Another reason the play was extra special this year, given the content and the mixed community at Garden International School, is how that didn’t stop any of the children from a huge range of cultural and religious backgrounds coming together to take part in the Nativity story.

We have had such positive feedback from parents and children alike and several parents have said that their children had been singing the songs so much at home that the adults now know the words too.

So, hopefully this holiday season when you’re sitting down to that savory Christmas dinner or unwrapping those brightly gilded gifts with loved ones, you will take just a moment to reflect on the story of a tiny baby laying in a manager a long, long time ago.  Merry Christmas from GIS!