Students learn from each other at cultural visit


Students from an international school in Pattaya showed how global they really are – by going abroad for a cultural exchange trip.

The International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE) is part of the Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA). Some students set off recently for a four-day visit to Cambodia to meet other international school students.

Students prepare for one of their performances, called ‘Dance Memory’. Students prepare for one of their performances, called ‘Dance Memory’.

The visit, from November 3-7, saw dancers, actors and artists from the eight schools come together to put on shows and share experiences from their own cultures.

This year ISE had a record 17 students who were chosen to represent the school at Northbridge International School Cambodia in Phnom Penh.

Opening performances saw all eight schools put on shows as they danced, sang, and used video and animation in a mix of entertaining ways. ISE students showed a glimpse of life in Thailand thanks to their ‘Floating Market Flash Mob’ video.

Over the following two days the schools took part in learning new techniques, skills and ideas for making all kinds of creative projects.

One of the ISE students, Meena Marchoine said, “We made new friends, learned new things about different cultures and had fun doing it. Of course Mr Marchione’s jazz and blues workshops, Mr Headley’s theater workshops, Ms Eastlake’s photo and dance workshops and Ms Murthy’s cultural workshop at the New Futures for Children Orphanage were cool, but there were others that were just as fun.”

The culminating performances showcased everything the students had learned during their time in Cambodia.

Another ISE student, Hunter Dupree added, “It was quite impressive to see how much we all learned in such a short time. The enthusiasm and high energy could be felt by all! Kudos to all who attended and to all who made it possible for us to attend.”

The other schools who took part were the United Nations School in Hanoi, Hanoi International School, I.S. Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon South I.S., Northbridge IS Cambodia, IS Phnom Penh, Vientiane IS from Laos and ISE.

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