Students from St Andrews International School learn to sail at Sattahip


As part of the Outdoor Education component of the PE Curriculum, students in year 8 participated in a residential trip to Sattahip, where the focus was on water sports.

During the trip all of the students learnt how to sail a boat around a triangular course. Some of them also found out what to do when you fall out of your boat, your boat capsizes or it fills up with water!

They also had the opportunity to snorkel over a coral reef, where they were thrilled to ‘find Nemo’ and his many friends, and participated in a team trust building jungle walk at night.

A fleet of Optimists crossing the bay.A fleet of Optimists crossing the bay.

A special thank you goes to Khun Jin who liaised with the Thai Navy to organize the logistics of this trip and ensure that it was such a success.

Getting the hang of the ropes in an Optimist.Getting the hang of the ropes in an Optimist.