St Andrews choir works with an Australian conductor at a recent choral festival in Bangkok


Recently students from St Andrews School, Green Valley travelled to Bangkok to participate with Harrow, St. Andrews Bangkok, Patana and of course us in the Bangkok U14s choral festival. The choir was very fortunate to have the conductor Miss Reka who flew all the way from Australia to work with us. We had to learn these songs: Gaudete; Marvelous house wife; If all the skies…; Old Abram Brown; April Fools; Spring is…; and some warm up songs.

During the event we weren’t constantly singing as we also had to do some activities. One of them involved some barn dancing because on one night we all had to dance at the mass barn dance. It was great fun!

Learning to barn dance.Learning to barn dance.

On our last day in Bangkok we performed in the theatre at Bangkok Patana School – it was a full house – parents and teachers of the choir members from each school came to hear us sing our songs and watch some videos of our few days at Bangkok Patana. The performance was amazing. We all couldn’t stop smiling backstage in the green room after the show. What an amazing experience. We would like to thank all the teachers that were involved in our visit and a huge thanks to Miss Reka who was definitely one of the best conductors ever!

Students who attended the choral festival.Students who attended the choral festival.

St Andrews students sing in the final performance of the choral festival.St Andrews students sing in the final performance of the choral festival.