Seedlings Baby Group is blooming



A new playgroup is proving so popular it has trebled in size within its first few months.

The Seedlings Baby Group began last year with only three or four youngsters but now it has blossomed into a group of more than a dozen.


The playgroup is held at Garden International School (GIS) in Ban Chang, Rayong – about 30 minutes from Pattaya. Sessions are held by qualified Early Years teachers and a Teaching Assistant. On Tuesdays a female teacher from the US runs the playgroup and on Thursdays a male teacher from the UK is in charge.

This looks interesting.This looks interesting.

All parents, or carers, are encouraged to stay and participate as the sessions help promote friendships and positive links with the school. Activities include art, dance, lolly-making and lots of games. Playgroup sessions are based on themes, such as animals, the body and water, while there is also time for free play and learning through play.

The cost per session is just 100B per child. It’s not necessary to book a place; parents can just turn up with their youngsters – and children don’t have to study at GIS to join in the fun. There is also no age range, though currently the children range from three months to three years.

Currently, the Seedlings Baby Group has children that come from several nationalities, including Thai, English, French, Polish and South African.

About half the students from last year’s playgroup are now in GIS’ Early Years and many parents said the playgroup helped their children make the transition smoother.

Which one shall I play with?Which one shall I play with?

I wonder if this goes here? A youngster figures out a puzzle.I wonder if this goes here? A youngster figures out a puzzle.

Let’s dance! A baby joins in the playgroup fun.Let’s dance! A baby joins in the playgroup fun.

A youngster learns about food at the playgroup.A youngster learns about food at the playgroup.