Regents’ Year 8 students embrace challenge based learning


Ashwin, an incredibly motivated and inquisitive Year 8 student from Regents International School Pattaya used his Christmas break to research and construct an operational metal detector. Using basic home electronic goods such as a Walkman and a calculator, Ashwin persevered to create the masterpiece you see here.

Ashwin was inspired to build the metal detector by his science teacher, Mr. McKenna. The design is part of a project that highlights Regents International School Pattaya commitment to challenge based learning (CBL). CBL is a collaborative learning experience in which teachers and students work together to learn about compelling issues, propose solutions to real problems, and take action.

Ashwin with his home-made metal detector.Ashwin with his home-made metal detector.

Currently working on projects revolving around WWI and landmines, Mr McKenna has been very impressed with the way his students have brainstormed and come up with some very clever ideas.