Regents clean up the world


During the morning of September 18, the Regent’s School alongside with 80 Thai Tims from Chantaburi and the Wat Mai Nern Payoum local school participated in the global event; “Clean Up The World” which inspires and empowers global communities to clean up, fix up and conserve their environment.

The start of the event was a meeting within the exterior lunch hall of Wat Mai Nern Payoum local school where a colourful group picture was taken. There, 80 Thai Tims welcomed the morning with one of their cheerful and vibrant songs about their love and passion for the Irish team of Celtic. The walk towards the first beach clearly showed the Regent’s School’s compassion as each student mixed and socialized with one of the Thai Tims and one of the students from the local school.

Who can collect the most rubbish?Who can collect the most rubbish?

Upon arrival at the beach, everyone quickly showed their enthusiasm where they instantly grabbed bin bags and gloves and cleaned the beach from litter, ranging from; plastic bags and tin cans and all the way to car tires and polystyrene. At the end of the hour, there was a ton of garbage within the plastic bags, thanks to all of the participants!

But that’s not the end! As soon as the first beach was cleaned, everyone walked back to their buses and boarded them to go to another beach. Just like before, as the students got to the beach; they quickly grabbed their bin bags and gloves and started to clean the beach. Everyone showed enthusiasm whilst cleaning both beaches; everyone helped each other whether it was picking up rubbish and putting it in someone’s bag or pulling out rubbish stuck in the rocks.

The Regent’s, the Thai Tims and Wat Mai Nern Payoum students ready to clean up the beach.The Regent’s, the Thai Tims and Wat Mai Nern Payoum students ready to clean up the beach.

As the event was nearing to an end, everyone boarded their bus and returned to the exterior lunch hall at Wat Mai Nern Payoum where everyone enjoyed a nice Thai buffet catered by the local school. Everyone was enjoying themselves chatting to each other. The Thai Tims and the students from the local school played basketball with the Regent’s students. Many took pictures of the event and many simply socialized with everyone.

Overall, the whole event was a success – two beaches were cleaned from the rubbish that polluted them and everyone had a great time socializing with each other and playing games or simply chatting with each other.

We work together to save the environment.We work together to save the environment.