Preparing for Universities at ISE


As students and parents look towards the future, there is concern about what needs to be achieved in order to successfully complete a university education and find a rewarding and successful career.

This was the focus of recent meetings with students and parents from both the Thai and Korean communities at the International School Eastern Seaboard (ISE). The presentations at these meetings provided an opportunity to specifically address the needs and aspirations of these respective communities.

Dr. Brewitt helps Thai families prepare for university. Dr. Brewitt helps Thai families prepare for university.

Timothy Overacker, the International Baccalaureate (IB) coordinator at ISE, discussed with parents and students how the program is a specially designed pre-university course of studies that is widely recognized and respected by universities throughout the world since its inception in 1968.

Dr. Robert Brewitt, the director of ISE, explained that in an environment of greater competitiveness among universities, and taking into account the growing mobility of students, university admissions departments around the world increasingly recognize the benefits of recruiting IB graduates for their universities.

Research conducted in many countries demonstrates that IB students generally enjoy higher than average acceptance rates from universities and colleges, as they are considered better prepared for further and higher education than many of their peers.

Our Thai instructor, M.L. Parat Charchinda, and our Korean instructor, Ms. Min Ae Yang, facilitated this discussion by translating and explaining these topics to the parents and by elucidating the requirements of being admitted into universities in both Thailand and Korea, respectively. Students also became involved by describing their experiences with IB and preparing for university, which many students from the younger cohorts found very encouraging.

The next meeting at ISE will be a general parent meeting on IB and university preparation on April 28 at 3:15 pm.