Pattaya Sports Club help the handicapped of Nongprue


Mai Chaiyanit is the caring mayor of the City of Nongprue and those in the welfare department follow his lead having deep concerns about the handicapped in the area.

Nongprue is larger, geographically, than Pattaya City with many residents living in isolated areas having very little to call their own. There are also many families that have a handicapped family member; some with severe handicaps, and others with problems concerning digestion which demands that their food is liquefied before consumption. This creates additional financial problems for the families for after the age of 15, they no longer receive help from the government in respect of food supplements, pampers, which are used on a daily basis in many cases, wheelchairs and other essential items. Constant care and attention is needed and one member of the family has to be on hand for most of the day and in some cases, 24 hours per day.

The mayor accepts the PSC cheque.The mayor accepts the PSC cheque.

City Hall contacted Pattaya Sports Club for help and we responded by visiting their offices where many of the handicapped had gathered. A friend of PSC joined us, Nigel Oakes from Manchester, and a visit to two families, where the handicapped person was unable to leave the house, brought home in a striking fashion the problems that exist.

Fortified milk is an essential ingredient to their dietary needs, pampers are another necessity and the cost of these items just highlights the financial problems involved for each family. Nigel was so overwhelmed by events that he immediately donated 100,000 baht and PSC responded with another 50,000 baht.

Pampers are an essential.Pampers are an essential.

At the presentation, the mayor, welfare staff, many of the handicapped and a gentleman called Dang were present. Dang solves many problems of the fifteen handicapped people in question, on a volunteer basis, and makes their life just that little bit easier.

The one thing you can expect from the Mayor and Nongprue staff is that when a donation is made, they go out of their way to show their gratitude which is all that PSC are looking for.

Received: one months’ supply of milk.Received: one months’ supply of milk.

An interested spectator.An interested spectator.

A happy girl shows her gratitude.A happy girl shows her gratitude.

Thank you Nigel Oakes and PSC.Thank you Nigel Oakes and PSC.