Nigel and Pattaya Sports Club visit Rak Puan


Occasionally, something out of the ordinary happens which brings a big smile to your face. In December, Pattaya Sports Club donated supplies to Ban Pak Rak Puan, an event that was reported in the Pattaya Mail. I was on my way to have lunch with some friends when I had a call from Nigel. I didn’t know him but he had seen the articles in the newspaper and was so impressed that he made the decision to help with a 10,000 baht donation for whatever was needed.

Nigel comes from Manchester and has been visiting Pattaya for 12 years. Like many of us, after 6 years he realised the benefits of living in Pattaya and stayed here.

The new bunk bed arrives.The new bunk bed arrives.

Not being one to miss an opportunity to help those in need, the funds were quickly spent on items that would make life a little more comfortable for the residents of Rak Puan: soap, shampoo, skin cream, fans. Everyday items that most of us take for granted.

Our visit was warmly welcomed but it was pointed out to us that the residents sleep on the floor thereby taking up valuable floor space. They do have a bunk bed in the second house, which is broken and cannot be used, so Nigel agreed to buy another and have the existing one repaired if possible. The first step has been taken and the new bunk bed was delivered and put together, not without the usual problems, but these were solved with the help of large hammer.

Nigel and friends deliver much needed supplies.Nigel and friends deliver much needed supplies.

As you can imagine, they were delighted with the gift and at least two of them look forward to a good night’s sleep.

It would be remiss of me not to mention at this point that if any reader has a bunk bed that is no longer being used, don’t throw it away, let us relieve you of that responsibility. It will serve a useful purpose in any number of places.

The funds are spent on soap, shampoo, skin cream, fans - everyday items that most of us take for granted.The funds are spent on soap, shampoo, skin cream, fans – everyday items that most of us take for granted.