Khun Ja and Pattaya Sports Club celebrate the coming of New Year


It was the weekend between Christmas and New Year, December 29th to be precise, and it is approximately 1 year since Khun Ja found suitable premises that could accommodate a centre for abused children, the Anti-Human & Child Abuse Centre, so a good excuse for a party but Thais do not really need an excuse.

From modest beginnings and with the generosity of various groups, including Pattaya Sports Club, it is growing into a compact family unit and safe haven for those children at risk and they can always count on the broad shoulders of Ja.

The presents are piled high.The presents are piled high.

Following an introduction by PSC, one person has been particularly generous and has contributed, personally, to the expansion of A.T.C.C. for the benefit of the children. Nigel Oakes has provided funds to build another house, shown here, a monthly allowance for Ja to buy food & supplies for the next year and, being that time of year that farangs celebrate events that occurred 2012 years ago and everyone in Thailand celebrates the coming of New Year, Nigel provided funds for the children to have a party. Thai people enjoy a party and Thai children are no exception.

Another charity group in Sriracha wanted to be part of this festive event and brought along some guests and presents for all the children. Everyone was blessed with the arrival of some monks who seemed to enjoy the event as much as everyone.

Music was played throughout, games played with an energy that would have left the adults exhausted. Prizes were won, the food was excellent and sufficient to sustain everyone all evening. I think the children are looking forward, in anticipation, to a repeat next year or even next week given the opportunity.

If anyone would like to make a donation to the A.T.C.C. please contact Ja …or William at Pattaya Sports Club 0861522754.

The monks have a good time also.The monks have a good time also.

Everyone receives a present.Everyone receives a present.

The new house is opened.The new house is opened.

Ja and daughter Prim.Ja and daughter Prim.

The night is still young.The night is still young.