ISC conserves water during Songkran


It was a busy end of term at the International School Chonburi. Children in Early Years had a great time on topic related field trips. One class went to the Banglamung Fire Station to meet community helpers, and the children in Reception surveyed animals and birds at Khao Kheow Zoo. A highlight of both trips was getting to ride on the school vans with friends.

Then, of course, there was the Songkran celebration. In Thai classes, students learned about the drought affecting so much of the country. They understood that this was the reason why we were celebrating more traditionally.

Alfie using the hose.

After paying respect to staff and parents, by pouring water on their hands, the students then poured small amounts of water on their friends’ shoulders – as used to happen in years past in Thailand. It was a valuable learning opportunity.

One student was overheard telling a friend that he was going to tell his parents that he didn’t want to go out and waste water this year.

“What did you see?”

A traditional Songkran.

Students pour small amounts of water on their friends’ shoulders.