Guest speaker from Michelin provides careers guidance for students at St. Andrews International School


As children grow up they are exposed to many different factors which help them decide what type of job they would like to do in the future. Children are influenced by their parents, teachers, friends, television and the internet, as well as the environment that they live in. At St. Andrews we are dedicated to making sure that our own students are exposed to as many different careers as possible, and encourage them to think about their future at an early age. We also want them to meet and listen to successful role models.

At St Andrews School we have two career programmes: the first is our Work Experience Programme for Year 10 students, the second is our Guest Speakers Programme. The aim of our Guest Speakers Programme is to introduce students in Years 9, 10 and 11 to business people from our community so that they can listen and learn from them, and find out what it takes to have a successful career.

Mr. Walker, the plant manager from Michelin, advises students to find a job in a field that they are passionate about. Mr. Walker, the plant manager from Michelin, advises students to find a job in a field that they are passionate about.

Our first guest speaker this year was Mr. Nick Walker, who has two children at St Andrews. Mr. Walker is the plant manager for Michelin in Laem Chabang. He gave our students a detailed and informative explanation of his past and made them aware of the steps he had taken to get to his current senior position. He also gave our students a valuable insight into the different departments such as research, technology, human resources, etc., that make up a successful company.

Additionally, Mr. Walker focused some of his presentation on the changing state of the world and how rapidly technological advancements are being made. He also introduced students to the increasing importance of the growing markets of both India and China.

To sum up his talk Mr. Walker considered the question: “What advice can you give a student about their future career paths?” His answer was two-fold; to try and find a job in an area that you are good at and secondly that you are passionate about. If you could combine those aspects then you are likely to be happy and successful.

We really appreciated Mr. Walker visiting our school and giving up his time to talk to our students – it was an extremely worthwhile experience.

At St Andrews we will be continuing to invite guest speakers into school to provide an insight into possible careers for our students. Please contact Kevin McGee at [email protected] if you would be interested in being a guest speaker.