Garden’s Aastha is a spelling sensation


Primary student Aastha Sawarkar took part in World Spelling Day – and came 24th in the entire world!

Aastha is a student at Garden International School (GIS) in Rayong. She took part in the online games and began well, with a ranking of 72nd in the 4-7 years category. She then moved up to 68th, then 39th and eventually reached 24th position with an accuracy level of 99.15 percent for the first 3 levels.

Her mother, Mrs Sawarkar said, “We enjoyed watching her making such efforts and there is something she said which I was surprised to hear – she said ‘I am not doing this for me, I want my school to be top.’ She never said such a thing before and to be frank we were proud of her and her statement brought a million smiles to our faces.”

Aastha said, “I enjoyed doing the ‘World Spelling Day’ and am looking forward to it next year, when I’m sure I can do much better and see my school in the top 10.”

A delighted Aastha by her computer. A delighted Aastha by her computer.

Students played at home and at school against other students around the world in live spelling games. Each game lasted for 60 seconds and students could play up to 100 games, earning points for their personal tally.

More than 50,000 schools took part in this year’s event, answering more than 52 million questions!

Among the trickier words Aastha, 6, had to spell were “scone, bled, snap” and “grid”. Well done to GIS’s spelling sensation Aastha, who is in Year 2 and has been at GIS since 2008. Her class teacher is Miss Lucy.