Children from St Andrews School experience a terrific train ride and visit U-Tapao airport


Year 1 children at St Andrews International School have been very lucky as this was their second school trip in just over 2 weeks. We were out of school for the whole day learning about different types of transport.

To begin with they went on a train ride from Pattaya to Sattahip. It was fantastic as some of the Year 1 children had never been on a train before.

Children climb aboard the train in Pattaya.Children climb aboard the train in Pattaya.

Next they went to the beach in Sattahip for lunch and had time to play on the sand and build some castles and bridges!

Finally, they visited the airport. This was the most exciting part of the day because the children were allowed to go on an aeroplane and see the control room with ‘gazillions’ of buttons. They were also fortunate enough to see an aeroplane land and park very close by.

It was a thrilling and fun-packed day which gave the children a lot to talk and write about when they got back into the classroom.

Timeo is getting to grips with the controls of the plane.Timeo is getting to grips with the controls of the plane.