Child labor – we are all essentially the same


Child labor is a topic which Year 9 and some IGCSE ESL students have been studying.  It is a topic which repeats itself in history.

Sister Joan.Sister Joan.

“Are there other differences between you and less privileged children?”

Sister Joan and Sister Michelle asked this question to all of the Year 9 students during a recent presentation which they gave when they came to the Regent’s School, Pattaya.

Sister Michelle.Sister Michelle.

The sisters came from the Fountain of Life Children’s and Women’s Center in Pattaya. They shared with us what the lives of many children and women were like before they came to the center, concentrating on the different forms of child labor which can be found in and around Pattaya and some of the reasons for it.

Both sisters helped us to consider how child labor affects the lives of children of our age, who are less fortunate than us.  In addition, they discussed with us ways in which child labor could be tackled, not just by government, but by us as individuals.

So, the answer to the sisters’ original question seems to be that we are all essentially the same.  However, students at the Regent’s School have access to sufficient food, education, shelter and a loving environment.  That there are many children in our wider community who do not have access to all of these things places them in danger of being exploited.

Educating the wider community of this situation appears to be a key to reducing child labor, as well as enabling the ‘at risk’ children to gain access to sufficient food, education, shelter and a loving environment.