Buddhists line streets for Naklua novice parade


Naklua-area Buddhists lined the streets as 32 newly ordained novices paraded through the community seeking alms.

Ordained by Chonglom Temple for summer, the novices walked from the Thummada three-way intersection past the Mum Aroi restaurant and to the Lan Po Market under the supervision and assistance of Sawang Boriboon Thammasathan officers.

Devotees prepared food to offer to the novices and monks. The route was filled with Buddhists offering alms, with traffic blocked off for everyone’s safety.

A father leads his daughter to offer alms.A father leads his daughter to offer alms.

One Naklua fisherman said he is educated on the origin of each temple in Pattaya, but he and his family are always interested in monks and novices from Chonglom Temple as that is his favorite.

He and his family made merit in honor of his father who recently had passed away as gratitude for raising him. His family and himself felt much better after having offered alms, even though they did not make it to the temple.

Novice Art receives alms from his sister.Novice Art receives alms from his sister.