The Benefits of Baby Massage


Regents International School is promoting the benefits of baby massage by introducing reflexology to its Regents Little Lions Programme. Qualified Reflexologist, and Regents Early Primary teacher, Ms Emi Imai, welcomed parents and babies to the first massage class last week.


Ms Imai trained at the Surrey School of Reflexology for a year and attained the certificate with distinction. Reflexology is a holistic, non-intrusive, complementary health therapy. It is based on the theory that different pressure points correspond with different areas of the body. Massage using these points will stimulate circulation and relieve stress. (Source: http://www. complementarytherapycourses

Ms Imai comments: “My grandfather wrote many books on alternative health and my husband was a Seitai practitioner (Japanese Osteopath) so I have extensive knowledge about health and wellbeing. Currently I am taking a course on Mindfulness and I practice yoga.”

Indeed, what began as baby massage sessions is developing into Mindfulness for mothers and children. Ms Imai and the parents exchange ideas for happiness and wellbeing and they learn yoga, massage, pressure points and meditation together.

Regents is delighted to offer a free taster session for any parent who would like to enjoy this experience with their baby – please contact [email protected]