Bangkok flood victims arrive in Pattaya


When government officers in north Bangkok gave the warning to evacuate their orphanage, fifty young children and their carers had nowhere to go. They thought the flood water would be just a few centimeters in depth, but were informed that it could be as high as two meters.

On hearing of the plight of these young children, Suppachai Sathirasilpin, director of the Father Ray Children’s Home, picked up the phone and invited them all to Pattaya.

After throwing as much food, water, clothing and bedding as they could in the back of a pick-up, the youngsters then climbed on board their coach and traveled to Pattaya.

Safe and dry, the young flood victims from Bangkok. Safe and dry, the young flood victims from Bangkok.

The young orphans are enjoying their time at the Father Ray Children’s Home. They are making new friends, learning to take care of the fish and chickens and grow vegetables. There is plenty of space to ride bikes, climb the trees, play soccer and watch TV on a big screen.

But as the children are having fun their carers worry about what will be left once the water has drained away. Will they have a home, how much will repairs cost and will they ever be able to replace what is lost? No one knows what condition their home will be when they return to Bangkok, but until that time they have a new home in Pattaya for as long as they need one.

For almost four decades the Father Ray Foundation has opened its doors to children who need help, and it continues to stand by its mission that ‘we never turn a needy child away’.

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