Young Dane dies in fall from Jomtien hotel


A Danish man died after apparently falling from the 23rd floor of a Jomtien Beach hotel.

The body of David Rogen, 22, was found atop air conditioning compressors on the fifth floor of the hotel Jan. 14.

Rogen had checked in Jan. 8 and was due to leave nine days later. Police found beer bottles, marijuana and methamphetamine paraphernalia.

The victim was believed to have been alone in his room at the time of his death. The room showed no signs of any attack or argument.

  • nowayout

    this just needs to stop before Pattaya turns into “Suicide Resort” This is the result of drugs, binge drinking and cheap get-offs which this place is famous for all over the world. How can we ever change our image and start attracting quality tourists?

  • Scottish George

    Not really surprising there were no signs of an attack or arguement if he was alone in his room.