Tour buses create fear, loathing in Pattaya


Tour buses continue to generate fear and anger in Pattaya, with tourists frequently complaining at the speed and aggressiveness of bus drivers.

One anonymous e-mail recently sent to the Pattaya Mail echoes the sentiment of many visiting the city, particularly those strolling along Beach Road.

“Sometimes when I want to cross to the opposite side of Beach Road, I have be extra careful because these buses drive very fast or, sometimes, they disrespect traffic regulations, accelerating when a green light is turning to red light,” the writer said. “Many times, driver acts like he owns the road, forcing small vehicles to make way.”

An OA Transport bus races down Beach Road.An OA Transport bus races down Beach Road.

“I believe Pattaya should have speed limits and overweight and over-size vehicles should be prevented from driving through tourist areas because it might lead to unpredictable accidents,” agreed Chanyanat Kowalski, who was visiting Pattaya with her German husband.

Wolf Kowalski, like many foreigners, thinks Thailand ought to do things they way they do it in his home country.

“In Germany, there are regulations forbidding large vehicles in public areas to prevent accidents,” he said. “I believe if Pattaya regulated traffic like they do in Germany, the beach would be more orderly and traffic would decrease immensely.”