Russian bitten by snake


A Russian man was hospitalized after being bitten by a snake outside a Pattaya hotel.

Sergei Dobrsin, 43, suffered a single bite wound to his large toe Dec. 18 while walking through a grassy field on Pratamnak Soi 5.

It’s unknown whether the snake was poisonous, but hotel employees who assisted Dobrsin nonetheless requested Pattaya officials cut the grass to prevent others in sandals from getting ambushed by snakes.

  • Dimetrodon

    Beware of snakes in the grass… (old saying)

  • karuna kara swain , chatrapur , odisha

    While walking on the grass he should wear at least leather shoe for safety.

  • Alicia Beaudin

    Pratumnack is a very dangerous place due to city neglect. I was bit in my calf by a stray dog in Pattaya Hill Buddha Park and needed 33,000 baht of medical care. The park contains many stray dogs and some people dump large amounts of dog food there.

    The dog just walked up to me and bit me without even barking, Perhaps people should wear heavy armor when walking in Pattaya.

  • KES

    Feeding the stray dogs perpetuates the problem. Well fed dogs breed better than hungry ones.

    People think they are being kind in feeding those dogs but really they are being unkind to all the people who would like to walk in that park.