Produce prices soar before Pattaya Vegetarian Festival


Whether due to flooding or just price gouging by opportunistic merchants, those attending this year’s Pattaya Vegetarian Festival will be paying more for their vegetables.

Seksarn Saajeng, a green grocer at Sophon Market in South Pattaya said a number of vegetables are more expensive than last year, especially popular veggies that form the foundation of the Oct. 4-14  festival. Morning glory, cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, Chinese kale and chili peppers have nearly doubled in price, hitting hard the Chinese-Thais who often give up meat for two weeks in October and will begin three days before the festival kicks off.

Expect to pay more for vegetables at least until the end of the Vegetarian Festival on Oct. 14.Expect to pay more for vegetables at least until the end of the Vegetarian Festival on Oct. 14.

Seksarn attributed the price hikes to the rain and flooding around the country, which has made it difficult to transport the vegetables.

He said regular customers had complained about the price increase, but nothing could be done about it. Cabbages, which normally cost 100 baht per kilogram are now 150-170 baht, Chinese kale normally 20-25 baht per kilogram were now 50-70 baht.

Merchants know vegetarians will still buy them during festival time, so don’t expect to see prices drop until after the 14th.

  • John Nielson

    If people want to be vegetarians then that is their right and more power to them.

    But those who claim that they are doing it for health reasons are defying science and evolution.

    Pandas will die if they can’t eat bamboo. Why? Because the evolved with that as their diet and their bodies now depend on it. Same with koala eating eucalyptus.

    Humans evolved eating meet. We evolved as predators and scavengers. We evolved a partial vegetarian diet to get us by when meat was scarce.

    But the high energy content of meat was absolutely critical to evolving our energy hungry brains.

    We evolved as meat eaters. Unless you think your are smarter than God, Buddha and Darwin, don’t try to tell us that people shouldn’t eat meat. If you don’t want to, don’t.

    But leave the rest of us alone.