Police open 5 more checkpoints targeting motorbike drivers


Motorbike drivers beware as Pattaya police have erected even more roadway checkpoints in the name of preventing crime.

Officers are waving over motorcyclists at five more locations in North Pattaya, checking for legal license plates, registration, helmet use and drivers’ licenses. Tickets also are being written for bikes carrying more than two people.

Police say the effort is to eradicate drugs and weapons from the city center. Crime rates spike during high season, they claimed, requiring even more vigilance to protect tourists.

Officers also cited cases of foreigners stealing motorbikes or cars they rented.

Go pay your fine at the police station over there on Soi 9.Go pay your fine at the police station over there on Soi 9.

  • Dana

    Oh God, it takes so much energy for me to remain positive about this. It sounds good but, as usual, who is policing the police?

  • David H

    I’m glad to see the police are doing a fine job. One thing confuses me however, while they are pulling bikes up on the road many bikes happily travel on the opposite footpath in both directions dangerously close to pedestrians.

    The police ignore this every day. Perhaps they would take action if Farangs started copying this dangerous practice.