Police arrest 2 Thais, Iranian for alleged kidnapping, robbery of Omani


Police arrested two Thais and an Iranian for allegedly kidnapping and robbing an Omani man.

Kanokporn Youngyuen, 41; Mogkol Choopetch, 48; and Arash Jamshidi, 35, were captured by officers just before 5 a.m. Feb. 23. In the back of their Toyota Vios the police found a handcuffed Mohammad Abdullah Adam Al Balushi, 27, and his interpreter, Adal Salem Mohammad Al Alacci, 33.

Arash JamshidiArash Jamshidi

Police discovered that Al Balushi actually had been arrested earlier for disorderly conduct, but had been released after paying a 1,000 baht fine.

But the Omani’s night got worse when Mongkol, dressed in a civil defense volunteer’s uniform and the Thai woman allegedly joined up with the Iranian to kidnap him.

Al Balushi said he was held in a room at the Marine Yensabai Hotel and told that if he didn’t pay each of them 10,000 baht, he’d not be released and police would never learn of his plight.

He said he was then handcuffed and driven to an ATM where he had to withdraw funds from his account to pay off his abductors. Witnesses, sensing something was amiss, called police.

The three suspects were booked on kidnapping, imprisonment and robbery charges.

Kanokporn YoungyuenKanokporn Youngyuen

Mogkol ChoopetchMogkol Choopetch