Pattaya marine-protection plan to expand to Jomtien, but still lacks funding


Although they lack the money to carry out their plans, Pattaya officials hope to expand two Jomtien Beach tourist-information centers as part of its plan to integrated police, Marine Department and city hall administrators to respond to water-related accidents.

Chonburi Deputy Gov. Adisak Thepass chaired the May 31 meeting at the Sigma Resort to follow up the May 27 decision to build a new marine-assistance center at the site of the city’s former pier.

Khajorn Weerachai (left), from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Deputy Governor Adisak Thepass preside over the meeting.Khajorn Weerachai (left), from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, and Deputy Governor Adisak Thepass preside over the meeting.

Officials estimated that center would cost 226,000 baht to build but, at the latest meeting, Pattaya Deputy Mayor Ronakit Ekasingh it will now cost around 500,000 baht to expand the existing Tourist Information Center to handle marine-safety duties and personnel.

Ekasingh said the center would help prepare equipment in advance of any marine accidents, respond quickly when an accident occurs and provide assistance and counseling to victims after an accident.

The deputy mayor said the city also has decided to expand its marine-protection efforts by also expanding existing tourist-information centers in front of Krua Serf restaurant and at the Soi Chaiyapruek intersection.

None of the centers will begin operation, however, without additional staff and funding, Ronakit said. The city does not have enough personnel to staff three centers nor the money to build and staff them. So, before anything can happen, the Tourism and Sports Ministry must be petitioned for a budget allocation.

No estimate was given on when funds might be approved.

  • donaleman

    Yeah, just like these guys I planned on buying a penthouse condo but lack the knowledge, people to help me and mostly I don’t have any money for it – sound familiar ?
    Govt. agencies, all of them, very big on “planning,proposing, scheduling, ordering, etc., but short, very short, on DOING !