Pattaya locals clean up beach on World Ocean Day


Pattaya students, business owners and residents joined together to clean up Pattaya Beach as the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources sponsored World Ocean Day.


Pattaya Environment Department Director Suthee Tubnonghe and Montri Hamontri, director of Marine and Coastal Resources Region 2 led the Sept. 9 event in South Pattaya.

Garbage and pollution has been a major problem for tourist cities like Pattaya due to the large number of visitors, resorts and related businesses, he said.

It is essential to campaign to raise awareness of the need to dispose of litter properly they added.

Most of the trash picked up was food-related, with both foam containers and the remains of fruit and other food. There also was a large amount of plastic bags and water bottles.

Problems can be solved, they said, by segregating garbage and recycling. They also encouraged use of glass and ceramic food containers, rather than foam.

  • cdnski12

    The Pattaya shoreline is kept relatively clean by the Beach Vendors. The real problem is the FILTHY SEAWATER. Garbage & Sanitary sewers spew into the Sea daily. One has to go to Koh Lam for a decent swim. Pattaya Municipal Authorities need to clean up the Sewer Problem.

    • Wayno

      The beach needs cleaning twice a day, in terms of local venders cleaning the beach is bs, they will look at their phone all day surrounded by rubbish and scorn at tourists because they won’t use their sun lounges. I wouldn’t put my feet in the water let alone anything else. Wake up Pattaya, but I feel it’s too late.