Pattaya beer-bar owner shot dead in ‘well-planned’ Bang Saray execution


A Soi Buakaow beer-bar owner was shot and killed in what Sattahip police are calling a well-planned execution, while commuting home on Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya.

Phuthita Sabai-ngarm, the 59-year-old owner of the D-One bar, was shot once in the head and once in the shoulder while she was behind the wheel of her bronze Toyota Hero SUV April 8 at Sukhumvit kilometer-marker 164 in Bang Saray.

Two passengers, Amornsri Rattanaudom, 39, and Natweena Norrawuththanaboon, 25, were not shot, but sustained minor injuries when the car plunged into a ditch. They were treated and released from Queen Sirikit Naval Medical Center.

Amornsri, the dead woman’s niece, said Phuthita had operated the D-One bar for about three months and knew of no disputes she had with anyone. Police, however, said the killing was “well-planned,” with multiple gunmen likely following her from the Pattaya bar and shooting her in a relatively deserted section of Sukhumvit Road.

Amornsri told police they had been driving home when her aunt opened the window to let in some air. Then a black car pulled alongside with a gunman firing four shots at Phuthita. The car sped away toward Sattahip as the truck rolled off the road.

Sattahip Police Superintendent Col. Chonnaphat Nawalak said the victim was married to a naval officer and that business dealings are suspected as the motive for the killing. However, investigators are still questioning witnesses and reviewing CCTV footage.