Parade kicks off Pattaya Beach anti-smoking drive

Volunteers pass out flyers and offer information on how to obtain free checkups.
Volunteers pass out flyers and offer information on how to obtain free checkups.

City hall brought its “no smoking” message loudly and clearly to Pattaya with a parade intended to reinforce the prohibition on lighting up on the sand.

Deputy City Manager Wuthipol Charoenpol led the March 6 procession down Beach Road with police, marine resources and beach massage vendor representatives.

More than 200 people marched in the parade to kickoff city hall’s efforts to publicize and enforce the national ban on smoking on the beach. Pattaya’s first effort came in Dongtan Beach and officials now want the entire area to be smoke free.

Workers erected no-smoking signs and health specialists advised people on the dangers of smoking and secondhand smoke.

Others in the march from Central Festival Pattaya Beach to Soi 6 passed out flyers and offered information on how to obtain free checkups. There also was plenty of music and dancing to keep things light.

Participants also swept through the beach, collecting thousands of cigarette butts.

  • Ken Anderson

    High time this disgusting habit was banned in public. Those that wish to use these cancer sticks should be banished to their own homes. Public smoking, including those smelly disgusting E things, should indeed attract the most severe of penalties.
    For once the Thai authorities seem to be doing something sensible, but as usual I suppose it will not be long before it degenerates into yet another plethora of criminal activity and scams.

  • joe

    Ban smoking on the beach ………Yet they are ok with smoking in gogo bars ! Very strange culture.

    • Ken Anderson

      Smoking in all bars was indeed banned many years ago, some still display the signs advising of fines etc.
      This was simply never enforced, but hopefully one day they will catch up with it.