Omani dies in hotel pool


An Omani tourist died after apparently drowning in his hotel pool.

The body of Hussain Haiderbahram Juma Al Zadjaly, 43, was pulled from his hotel pool on Pratamnak Road shortly after midnight May 7. Other than vomit, there were no signs of any struggle.

Police did find a 43-year-old prostitute in the Omani’s room who said Al Zadjaly had gone for a swim after they enjoyed beer and a bed together.

The Omani embassy was notified and the body sent to the Forensics Institute.


    If his family, not too distraught over his sexcapade and drunkeness, can find a lawyer, they should sue the hotel for not barricading entrance to the pool after sunset. A nice fat settlement might get other hotels to recognize their liability in such matters.
    Thailand wants, via Asean, to play with the “big boys ” but not to follow common sense rules.