Old soldier returns to die at scene of glory days


Knowing he didn’t have long to live, a 20-year veteran of the Royal Thai Marine Corps returned to his former barracks at the Prince Chumphon Camp in Sattahip, strung up his hammock, laid down and passed away.

Former Chief Petty Officer 1st Class Prayuth Jampamool was found about two hours after dying, slung in his hammock between two posts at the base July 15. The 51-year-old ex-marine, a Class 25 graduate, had laid down beside a duffle bag containing all his old military gear. The body was taken to Sattahip Km. 10 Hospital.

Friend and former marine buddy Pralome Wajatasil, 53, said Prayuth was an infantry veteran who had served in the Royal Thai Marine Corps for 20 years but had to resign due to family problems.

He had fallen ill and knew his time was short. He told friends he wanted to come back and die where he used to live among friends.

His funeral will be done with fully navy honors.