Naive Kiwi gives transvestite ATM code; gets drugged, robbed minutes later


An elderly New Zealander who gave a transvestite prostitute his ATM code unsurprisingly was drugged and robbed of his wallet minutes later.

Bernard John Griffiths, 65, met up with the sticky-fingered ladyboy while strolling on Walking Street Dec. 17 and agreed to join him at a bar, the name of which he couldn’t recall later for police.

Finding himself short of cash to pay the bill, Griffiths adjourned to an ATM machine, woman-of-the-second-category in tow. Griffiths told police that he couldn’t withdraw any cash, however, because he couldn’t read the machine’s Thai language. Rather than choose “English” from the menu, the New Zealander said gave his card and the PIN code the prostitute, who helpfully withdrew 10,000 baht for him.

Not surprisingly, the man in a skirt didn’t want to let this particular Kiwi out of his sight and invited him to the Lucifer Disco. Griffiths told police they shared a beer together, but that he saw the suspect shaking his beverage before giving it to him. Asking why, he was told it was to clear the foam from the bottle. Griffiths took the ladyboy’s word for it and drank up, then quickly passed out in a corner.

Fifteen minutes later, he awoke to find himself alone and without his wallet, visa card, a diamond ring worth 8,000 NZ dollars, a gold necklace worth 3,000 NZ dollars and the 10,000 baht cash that was withdrawn from the visa card prior to the drugging.