Motorbike Thieves are at it again

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 By  PMTV

At 2am on May the 17th police were out on patrol on central road when they spotted a young couple on a motorbike that was minus its license plate.

When the couple saw the police they fled in the direction Soi Nernplubwan.

Police radioed for help and other officers were able to apprehend the couple who had by now ditched their bike and had run into a wooded area.

The young man is detained by the police The young man is detained by the police

Upon questioning the 18 year old driver confessed he had borrowed the motorbike to take his girlfriend home, he got it from his friend whom in turn had stolen it from someone on soi Batman.

The police believe the boy is in fact part of a ring of bike thieves operating in the area.

Perhaps punishment for these crimes should be more severe or included community service as these gangs have no respect for people's property and seem to be unperturbed by the local authorities.

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