Loan-shark enforcement gang busted in Sattahip


A gang of accused loan shark enforcers was arrested for allegedly breaking into a Sattahip home of a late-paying customer.

Wejchayan Lakthong, 35, Torsak Nikornpol, 25, Thanongsak Tiwakalin, 34, Sutat Oraluek, 29, Arinan Nanchaikrua, 30, Wichai Lakthong, 31 and Santikul (surname unknown), 34, were captured by Sattahip police and Royal Thai Navy officers June 3. Authorities seized a 9mm gun, 15 bullets, bolt cutters, two pickup trucks, a bicycle and a ledger.

Police have arrested an armed money loan shark gang in Sattahip.Police have arrested an armed money loan shark gang in Sattahip.

The suspects were charged with breaking and entering, illegal money lending, extortion and firearms possession.

Janpen Rachakaew, caretaker of a house owned by Banjerd Thongkorn, called police after the gang allegedly pulled up in front of the house, used bolt cutters to break in and stole valuables from the property. Banjerd was not at home.

Police said the suspects confessed to working for “Hua,” a wealthy Pattaya loan shark that had lent 200,000 baht to Banjerd. When she didn’t pay, and could not be found, the men said they were ordered to break into the house to recover property to cover the debt.